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How Brand Syndication Can Help Uniform Manufacturers Increase Market Share & Boost Sales

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Jason November 9, 2022

Brand Syndication or Catalog Syndication by UniformMarket enables manufacturers to streamline their go-to-market processes digitally, expand distribution and drive more revenue.

Understanding the Connection Between Growth & Catalog Syndication

For uniform manufacturers, growth essentially means expanding their distribution network to partner with more distributors and wholesalers who can take their products to new, unexplored markets. When we started working with manufacturers, we realized that while the adoption of B2B eCommerce has managed to replace manual labor with automation and sped up overall operations, branding and distribution continue to be a resource-intensive activity.

Brand Syndication is an effort to overcome that barrier and bring the brand closer to buyers using advanced digital solutions. Using our Brand Syndication service, manufacturers can easily connect with a vast network of over 3000+ uniform retailers who’re using our platform to promote their catalogs. Interested retailers can simply subscribe to their catalogs and we will ensure to share updated versions of those product sheets with them, to sell on their eCommerce sites.

It serves as a direct digital channel between the brand and the buyers while streamlining the go-to-market strategy of manufacturers and giving them complete control over how they want their brand/products to be represented by their customers.

How Brand Syndication Works

Being the only company to build eCommerce solutions for the uniform industry, we had the advantage of a vast retailer network and deep industry insights on our side to get us started.

We worked with manufacturers to procure product catalogs and had our in-house data time enrich them with high-quality images, latest product data, and consistent formatting that could be directly passed on to retailers selling uniforms online. This approach meant retailers could also save precious manhours spent in collating product data into a usable format.

In the process, Brand Syndication turned out to be the conduit between manufacturers and the retailers through which the former could pass on product information, offers, special pricing & more as deemed fit for the buyers in question, to thousands of retailers at the click of a button.

To summarize, here’s how we solved the growth & distribution challenges for uniform manufacturers in 3 simple steps with Brand Syndication:

1. Procure: We obtained up-to-date product feeds from 130+ leading suppliers in the uniform industry

2. Process: We processed them all into consistent data formats, eliminated wrong data, fixed broken images, and turned them into a clean, ready-to-sell catalog

3. Publish: We leverage technology that allowed manufacturers to market their catalogs directly to our network of 3000+ retailers without relying on any conventional distribution partner.

Benefits of Brand Syndication

Brand Syndication bridged the gap between manufacturers and the market, making it easier to promote their products and win more customers. Following are some of the key benefits for manufacturers:

1. Reduced Go-to-Market Time: Being able to put their catalogs before 3000+ retailers meant they did not have to spend time building relations with new distributors and wholesalers in a region to sell there. They could simply share their catalogs with interested retailers and start receiving orders.

2. Save Time & Money in Branding: Brand Syndication gave manufacturers a market at their fingertips. Using simple digital banners, they could promote their catalogs in our retailer network and improve brand awareness.

3. Easily Uncover Otherwise Inaccessible Markets: Brand Syndication also enabled manufacturers to reach markets that they couldn't access via their traditional distribution network. This opened up new business opportunities which in turn aided in revenue growth.

4. Control Brand Representation: As a manufacturer, you can choose which retailer to partner with and define guidelines on how your brand and products should be presented on their website. This helps in maintaining brand consistency across all sales channels.

5. Reporting & Analytics: To understand which products are selling the most and which ones are blocking the shelves. These sales insights can help you take crucial business decisions of either increasing production or discontinuing a product line. 

Closing Thoughts

Uniform manufacturers can greatly benefit from Brand Syndication for it gives them complete control over how they want to promote their catalogs and to whom. With reduced go-to-market time, greater brand visibility, and deeper insights into how their products are faring – manufacturers can truly set them up for success in the long run.


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