Image Intel: Your Guide To Creating Banners For Online Uniform Sales

Posted by Rick Levine on May 4, 2017 9:51:10 AM


When designing an online uniform store, it’s important not to overlook the little things. Banners set the tone for the site, giving viewers an image they can associate with their purchases. The better that image is, the more positively they will remember the store, and the more likely they are to return. A banner must thus be a part of your website from the beginning. The following tips will help you get started on this crucial stage in online uniform marketing:

Photography Prudence

Banners are most effective if they use images of real people. Real images humanize your website, giving clients the impression that they are interacting with other individuals rather than with an faceless sales system. Photographs must thus play a key role in your banner.

While you shouldn't crowd the banner with too many photos, it is ideal to have more than one person and product pictured there. Base the images you choose off of the gear options you offer. If you sell separate uniforms for women and men, for example, have one image of a woman and another depicting a man, each in the corresponding uniform. Likewise, if you sell different uniforms for different jobs, use the banner to show clients the full range of your wares.

When choosing models to photograph for your banner, select individuals who look like your customers. The purpose of the banner is to show clients how people like them can use the gear, not to project an image of the “perfect” appearance. The closer your models match the population you’re selling to, the more potential customers will identify with and respond to your content.

Word Choice Wisdom

In addition to photographs, your banner should also include a brief written description giving clients more information about the uniforms. Try to keep these descriptions as brief as possible, limiting them to the name of your company, a short overview of your products, and possibly some contact information. It should be short enough to fit in the banner with a relatively large font size.

Many websites opt for unique or unusual fonts, but while this can make your page more memorable, it runs the risk of confusing viewers. In general, you should stick to simple fonts unless you have a strong, specific reason to use a more unique one. You can, however, experiment with different font sizes and weights. This will give your banners distinction without making them too unusual for customers to understand.

Consider the Competition

In addition to understanding these photography and text best practices, you should also look at other uniform websites to see what banners they use. While you can’t copy those banners, you can use them as inspiration for your own ideas. Comparing multiple banners across a large number of sites will give you an idea of the sheer range of possibilities for your own store. You can also combine multiple ideas to use yourself, so long as the resulting banner does not look too similar to any one of its sources.

When looking at other banners, don’t limit yourself to firms that sell the same kinds of uniforms you do. Even if a site has a very different clientele, its ideas may still be applicable in your field. The greater the variety of banners you consider, the stronger a basis you will have for your own.


UniformMarket provides insights into banner design, web layout, and a myriad of other considerations for online uniform stores. For more information on how to maximize your marketing, visit our website today.


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