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Being Good-Looking Is Not Enough

8 min read
Uniform Market January 24, 2017

In the modern business environment, an excellent website is non-negotiable. For uniform retailers and manufacturers, a well-designed website can deliver exceptional clients and establish a clear sense of industry authority.

Struggling to take the next step from attractive to usable? You are certainly not alone. Keep the following considerations in mind as you take your uniform ecommerce effort to the next level:

Determine and Research Your Key Demographics

A thorough understanding of your target market can help you determine the design and layout most likely to appeal to your website's core audience. As a uniform retailer, your business primarily constitutes larger clients and agencies who have a clear purpose for visiting your website beyond mere surfing. Flashy content that appeals to a casual shopper will not work for an agency representative, who demands clear navigation and ease of access. You should also understand the industry your core market occupies and how your website can best appeal to leaders in that field.

Evaluate the Competition

Check out your competitors' websites and determine what they're doing right -- and where they can stand to improve. Your website should not be a carbon copy of your top competitors, but rather, a complimentary resource that immediately demonstrates why your business is the better option.

View both your website and those of competitors through a consumer's lens to determine how it might stack up in the eyes of a typical uniform buyer. Are you wowed by your competition's website design? Can you beat them on loading speed or navigability? Use this insight to guide your website marketing and development efforts.

Content Clarity Comes First

Creative content is commendable, but only if it gets your message across. If there is ever a choice between creativity and clarity, always opt for clarity. Today's internet users are more impatient than ever, and they are not willing to put up with confusing websites -- even when the design is groundbreaking. This is particularly true among uniform buyers; their aim is not to browse casually, but rather, to find attractive and functional uniforms that they can order quickly and at an affordable rate.

Research from the Nielsen Norman Group indicates that most users leave websites in 59 seconds. Make the most of that time and get essential information about your company's uniform services across in a clear and concise manner.


Desktop browsing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Today's websites need to be functional not only for traditional desktop users, but also for those who primarily browse via mobile devices. Already in 2014, 'mostly mobile' users constituted 60 percent of online browsers. Shockingly, a BaseKit report indicates that 91 percent of small business websites are not optimized for mobile use. Improving your mobile functionality is one of the easiest ways to give your company an edge over the competition.

Multi-Purposing as an Information Resource and Sales Funnel

Your website's chief function is to generate uniform sales, but visitors will immediately notice and be suspicious of content that comes across as too "salesy." Calls to action are important, but ideally, your site will serve not only as a sales funnel, but also as a source of valuable information. Demonstrate your authority in the uniform industry by providing valuable information about uniform selection and care. This establishes a much-needed sense of trust and makes clients more willing to invest in your products and services.

Website design and management is a tall order in this age of internet sophistication. Given the complications of creating and maintaining a website, it's easy to see why so many businesses neglect their online presence. If you're struggling to develop a creative, yet functional website that appeals to your consumer base, look to UniformMarket for assistance.

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