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7 Things To Think About When Selecting Work Apparel

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Avinash Reddy May 11, 2018

When selecting employee apparel, you must make sure the work uniform you choose fits your specific needs. The more that clothing matches the demands of your business, the better an investment it will be. By paying attention to these seven key factors, you can select the uniforms you need for a safe, productive workplace:


1. Safety

No matter your business, safety should always be your No. 1 concern, and uniforms are a big part of that. Clothing that is too tight, too loose, or flammable can put employees in danger, as can shoes without sufficient traction. But choose flexible, resilient fabrics and quality shoes and you’ll have no trouble keeping workplace accidents to a minimum.


2. Cleanliness

As with safety, uniforms play a key role in the cleanliness of your business. Choose apparel that is resistant to moisture and stains and that doesn’t have loose or dangling fabrics. Also make sure that the uniforms are easy to wash. The cleaner your gear is, the healthier your employees will be and the more positive an experience your customers will have.


3. Comfort

Never underestimate the role of uniform comfort. Employees who feel hot, itchy, or restricted in their gear will have trouble focusing, and thus won’t be very productive. You thus need to select work apparel that your staff will enjoy wearing.


4. Visibility

As a manager, you need to know where your employees are at all times. This is especially important in hazardous industries like construction, where keeping track of workers and keeping them safe go hand in hand. To maximize visibility, choose uniforms with bright colors and distinctive patterns that will stand out.


5. Role Distinction

Besides identifying employees yourself, you need to make it easy for your customers to identify them. Clients should also be able to easily distinguish employees who play different roles; in a restaurant, for example, table servers should look different from cleaning staff. Choose uniforms with colors and designs that relate to your company, and purchase different versions for different types of employees.


6. Carrying Convenience

In many industries, employees need to carry tools, parts, and equipment with them. Construction employees, for example, must carry safety lines and building equipment, and may need to take them out at great heights or in other dangerous situations. Your uniforms should give employees plenty of space to store these items and the ability to take them out with ease at any time.


7. Durability

The less often you have to replace uniforms, the less you’ll spend on them over the long haul. You should thus choose gear that will stand up to daily wear and tear and stay in good condition for the long haul.


For more information on the art and importance of selecting work uniforms, contact Uniform Market today.

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