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Do not panic, your prices for uniforms can vary from website to in store

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Sep 13, 2016 2:30:00 PM

You might feel compelled to keep the prices of your uniform, footwear and gear products the same online as they are in your store, but it is okay to create online-only flash sales or offer different promotions in-house than you do online. Feel free to use all of 21st century technology and traditional sales methods to your advantage.

Examples of Online Sales

If you find yourself with more inventory than you can sell, a great way to get rid of it is with an online-only flash sale. Here are some ways to get rid of all of the old product to make room for the new:  

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Can My Online Uniform Store Use A Square Payment Gateway?

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Aug 12, 2016 9:30:00 AM

In the past, many small business owners have lost more than a few uniform sales because they only took cash or checks for payment. That time has come and gone. Thanks to transactions made possible by Square, a credit card processor, the way uniform retailers do business has been not only revolutionized, but streamlined.

Retailers who use Square, a small credit card reader that attaches to either your smartphone or iPad, can now also use the service just like a traditional merchant provider and gateway. Read on to discover the benefits of adding Square to your repertoire.

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How Uniform Stores Should Respond To Complaints

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Aug 10, 2016 8:30:00 AM

As a uniform retailer and small business owner, it can become increasingly obvious how important word-of-mouth marketing can be for your brand’s identity and bottom line. And in an age of tweets and Yelp reviews, complaints against your company and bad online reviews can leave a nasty scar on your reputation. Sometimes you might feel like these complaints are unwarranted; your company has done nothing wrong, but for whatever reason a reviewer wanted to inflict unnecessary harm on the business in spite.

Regardless the motive, justified or not, an important rule to remember is that you can’t please everyone all the time; you will have uniform customers that will never fully be satisfied. And unfortunately, with the speed at which news travels today, one bad customer is can affect you more than a hundred happy ones.

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What Are Digital Coupons and Should I Use Them to Promote My Uniform Store?

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Aug 8, 2016 8:30:00 AM

When you check out during an online transaction, you might see a box to enter a promo or digital coupon. Entering a special code often helps you save money off your total order or shipping costs. If you’ve ever asked yourself “What are digital coupons, and how can I use them to effectively promote my uniform store?,” read on to learn the answers.

What are Digital Coupons?

Just as they sound, digital coupons are electronic coupons for manufacturers' products that are found online. They are the same as paper coupons, and can be used, purchased and redeemed online and on a case-by-case basis in stores.

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Uniform Retailers Should Look for Software That Helps Them Easily Setup Custom Products Online

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Aug 2, 2016 8:30:00 AM

There’s a myriad of awesome products offered by hundreds of companies in the uniform industry. Many of these suppliers offer anything and everything related to assets that uniform stores can use — from spreadsheets, to product descriptions, images to add to your website, and everything in between.  A company like UniformMarket will help you feed all that product information into your online stores without any work on your part.

But what about all the other products you sell? What about all the custom ways you need to configure those same products? Or products not offered by traditional suppliers that you also want to feature on your website? When selecting an eCommerce platform it is important to evaluate how the software tools will allow you to create all the product content you require in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

With endless options for your store, here’s how UniformMarket can help:

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What Does Google's AdWords Latest Change Mean for Uniform Retailers?

Posted by Ryan Quinn on May 18, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Over the past 15 years, Google’s AdWords has emerged as the premier digital advertising tool (its runner up, Facebook, is not even one-third of Google’s total market share). However, like much of the internet, it hasn’t always been created for laymen.

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Measure Twice, Cut Once - Planning The Right B2B Website Launch

Posted by Ryan Quinn on May 4, 2016 9:00:00 AM

You’re ready to get to work creating a B2B website. You’ve done your homework, know who your audience is, and you’ve even bought a domain. But now what? You don’t want to make any terrible mistakes that will kill your online uniform store before it has even begun. Here are six best practices to help you make the most of your B2B website launch.

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Introducing Packing Slips, Shopper Side Order Notes and More!

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Mar 9, 2016 1:30:00 PM

Hello, its that time again!

The team here at UniformMarket is proud to announce some great new features, enhancements and fixes from our 03/04/2016 release. In this release we have a few new features that have been rolled out including Packing Slips and an order notes field on the checkout page so that your shoppers can include a message with their order.

On top of the new features we've made other improvements, including the Advanced Search within Deals in the admin back-end, better logic behind the allow back-order functionality, increased handling and more clear verbiage for our of stock products/SKUs.

Lastly, there was a fix for an issue that arouse having to do with filters on the front-end showing incorrect information when the "Hide Price" setting was toggled to "Yes" on the back-end. 

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Retaining Your Customers with a Discount Shopping Club

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Feb 29, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Loyalty is much harder to come by in today’s ecommerce world, and that’s why you should make use of every possible avenue to engage potential customers.

Discount shopping clubs have become a quickly growing trend in the retail industry over the last few years. These types of in-house shopping groups have been shown to have a positive impact on customer/brand loyalty, and members of shopping clubs have more of an incentive to become regular customers.

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Pricing by Brand and Other Great New Benefits for Store Owners and Shoppers

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Feb 23, 2016 5:02:09 PM

The Sellers Commerce team has released a new version of the platform with some great new functions to improve the online stores for uniform retailers and distributors.

Here are 4 of the top features and improvements:

  1. Pricing by Brands added
  2. Elastic Search Enhancements & Performance Tuning  PART 1
  3. Advanced handling of Out of Stock products
  4. Fixes to the visibility of buttons

Let's take a look at how these benefit store owners and shoppers.

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