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Uniform Program

10 Reasons Why Companies Need a Uniform Program

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Andrew Macaluso July 30, 2019

In the present hyper-competitive environment of business, companies are constantly looking for effective ways to stay ahead of their competitors.

Advertising on television and/or the radio was once the best ways to reach customers to try and sell your product. But in today’s world, companies now use eCommerce websites, social media and other advertising methods to communicate and connect with those interested in their product. 

Most companies don’t realize the benefit of having a uniform program for their business, but one of the best ways to expand your brand is by incorporating a uniform program.

The most important advocate of your brand will always be your employees. When employees all wear a uniform with your company's logo on the front, it creates a unified image in customers eyes.

Your staff becomes easily identifiable to customers, which is a key factor in business when a customer wants to know who workers there when they need assistance - and this is where a uniform program can help your organization. 

10 reasons why companies should consider a uniform program are:


      • It creates an attractive image for the brand of your company:

        The first thing people will likely notice about you is what you’re wearing.

        By adding a uniform program to your business, you will quickly be able to build up a brand image for yourself by having your employees wearing uniforms with the company name and logo on it - which will help attract new customers while retaining current ones. 

      • It provides safety for your workers:

        Branding and promotional benefits aside, uniforms also provide functional benefits such as safety for your employees.

        For example, high visibility uniforms can prevent your employees from being hit by motorized vehicles while working on the road, and flame resistant uniforms can prevent injuries caused by flash fires or electrical burns. 

      • corporate uniform programs
      • It will improve the promotion of your brand:

        When employees wear uniforms that display the corporate logo and specific colors, they are further promoting your brand to the public.

        Your employees are an extension of your business that can help differentiate your brand from other companies within the market you serve. 

      • It’s free advertisement:

        Employees wearing a company uniform to and from work is a great way for them to become a “walking billboard” for your company and help promote your products and services without having to pay for advertising from an outside source. 

      • It improves employee security:

        With a uniform program, you can create company uniforms that have a specific style or color in order to make it easier to identify those working in specific areas on a job site. 

      • It can reduce the chances of cross-contamination:

        Uniform programs designed specifically for a certain industry can prevent infections and other illnesses.

        For example, a uniform program that was designed specifically for the food or healthcare industries can help prevent threats from cross-contamination. Uniform programs geared toward preventing static electricity can also prevent damage from electric shock. 

      • It provides a sense of belonging:

        Having a specific uniform to wear at work can bring a sense of belonging to a company, which can improve the productivity of your employees

        Incorporate a uniform program to help instill a sense of belonging with your workers and create a team-friendly environment. 

      • It benefits employees:

        Not only is a uniform program a great hiring perk as employees won’t have to worry about what they’re going to wear to work each morning, but it also allows them to save money since a portion of their paycheck won’t be going towards having to purchase clothes to wear to work. 

      • It improves customer relationships and service:

        A uniform program will help customers immediately identify who works for your company if they happen to need any assistance - which helps improve customer service and overall buying experience for the customer. 

      • It increases work responsibility:

        Having a work uniform can increase work responsibility and instill a sense of pride around the workplace and turn employees into “brand ambassadors” for your company outside of work.


Uniform programs promote camaraderie and a sense of belonging among other employees with a resulting impact on the overall productivity of a company.

Have you decided that incorporating a uniform program makes sense for your business?

Here are some tips on how to go about choosing a uniform provider:

To simplify the process, start by choosing a third-party service provider that handles picking up, laundering and delivering your uniforms. That way, you know your uniforms will meet your standards and your employees won’t have to worry about washing uniforms at homes. 

Choose a uniform provider that not only uses environmentally sustainable methods, but also the fabric that meets the needs of your business. Not every job requires the same style of uniform as the next so be sure that you know exactly what it is you need. 

Choose a company that offers a wide variety of uniform options for employees. Depending on their job title, some employees may need long sleeves and heavier fabric while others may need short sleeves and lighter fabric.

Having the option to pick and choose a variety of different fabrics, styles, colors and sizes to fit the needs of your employees and their job duties will make them feel more comfortable and improve the image of your brand.

When it comes to expanding the brand of your business, properly uniforming your employees is the least expensive party of the overall company image in the long run.

Having a successful uniform program will make your employees stand out at work and on the go. Set your uniforms apart with a unique company logo, colors, designs and more in order to achieve the goals of your company. 

Better branding means better customer service by helping customers easily recognize your employees so they know where to go for help if and when they need it. 

Uniforms can be used to the benefit of your company and employees in many ways. If you’re looking to switch up your company uniforms and separate yourself from other organizations in the industry, investing in a uniform program is exactly what you need. 

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