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There’s a lesser-known, effective way to promote uniform business that you’re not using

There’s a lesser-known, effective way to promote uniform business that you’re not using

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Jason November 23, 2020

Today’s online world offers a suite of tools and platforms to showcase and promote one’s brand or business.

However, in an increasingly overcrowded marketplace, it’s getting harder by the day to stand out from the pack or to reach out to potential prospects of a specific niche, like the uniform industry in this case.

While there are effective strategies to promote your uniform business online, experts believe that having an Omni channel presence is the most efficient way to create awareness for your brand.

Long story short, most people make it a point to promote their uniform business through online and offline mediums like social media and exhibiting in trade shows and events, but forget one traditional yet effective way of promoting one’s brand.

Print is not dead

That’s right. Print isn’t dead.

Contrary to popular belief, the only ‘print’ that is currently on the edge of extinction is the newspapers.

The print magazine medium on the other hand is on an altogether different level and is still one of the most effective ways to promote a business when used the right way.

According to Statista, there was an increase of over 4 million print magazine readers in 2019 compared to 2018 in the US alone.

Below are some of the important reasons why you must advertise your brand in print magazines, even today:

Target specific audience

As mentioned earlier in the article, the whole point of using print magazine in today’s world is to leverage that magazine by targeting a specific or relevant audience.

Print magazines allow you to reach a vast target base of relevant audiences to boost sales and metrics of your business, while also creating awareness for your brand.

By posting an ad about your uniform business in niche magazines, you have a higher chance of connecting with your target audience than promoting in other channels like social media or google ads.

Captures attention

As opposed to digital advertising, where users are known to have an increasingly shorter attention span and the ease to quickly scroll or dismiss the ad, print magazine readers usually pick up a magazine during their leisure time, providing them a better chance to register your brand in their minds.

In addition to presenting in a pleasant-to-consume format, advertisements in print magazines are also popular for their longevity and shareability.

Better ROI

As you might have already guessed, advertising in a print magazine generates more Return on Investment (ROI) compared to advertising on digital platforms.

Now, do not confuse Return on Investment with how cheap it is to post an ad online. By better ROI, we mean it’s more cost-effective in acquiring new business for your brand through advertising in a print magazine.

Boosts brand credibility

Print magazines constantly offer high-quality and reliable content to its readers, generating more credibility in time. By posting your ads in such magazines, you will be able to leverage that credibility for your brand.

Advertising your uniform business in a reputable magazine that’s specific to the uniform industry will provide your brand with a more significant impact, reach, and credibility among niche targeted audiences compared to a digital ad.


Needless to say, advertising in print magazines is more trustworthy than on digital platforms.

According to a survey, around 82% of Americans trust an ad in print media than on a digital platform.

Consumers trust ads posted in print magazines more than digital media due to the fact that anyone and everyone today, are posting ads on digital platforms, making tall claims about their businesses and brands.

This constant bombardment with exaggerated advertisements has in turn overwhelmed the consumers. Advertisements in print magazines, on the other hand, provide consumers a more relaxed, subtle, and distraction-free avenue to connect with the brand and business

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