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Going Mobile Is Serious Business, Just Ask Google

8 min read
Uniform Market May 13, 2016

Smart phones and mobile devices have taken over the way people shop and it’s more important than ever for your uniform business to think mobile first. In this post we’ll discuss a few reasons why your uniform business should be meeting shoppers on their mobile devices.

1. Mobile Usage Is Booming

There are 1.85 billion mobile users in the world. That’s almost one fourth of the world’s population and, as a marketing savvy business owner, this shouldn’t surprise you. 51% of internet users use mobile devices to access the web, compared to the 42% that do so via a desktop. You would not place your retail uniform store in a location that was difficult to access, and the same consideration applies online. Making your website mobile friendly makes it an easy to access location online.

2. Your Audience Uses Mobile

Uniforms are worn by workers of every age group. And the numbers among both younger workers and older generations who use mobile devices is growing.  Young adults (aged 18-29) use mobile devices more than any other age group, of course. But older generations are still likely to visit your website in this way, with 35% of those over 65 reporting they use using mobile devices

On top of those statistics is the fact that mobile commerce makes up 33% of all U.S. eCommerce and 40% of worldwide eCommerce. This means uniform purchasers will definitely be using mobile devices to access your online uniform store. Your uniform business will benefit from going mobile.

3. Responsive Websites Ensure A Positive User Experience

Google recommends responsive websites for a number of reasons.

  • They make sharing your content easier for users
  • They take less time to maintain than separate pages for mobile and desktop
  • They reduce page loading times
  • They are less prone to errors
  • They help Google better index your site, making them more likely to turn up in Google searches.

Responsive websites allow for your website to be viewed on any kind of device. Whether your audience is using a smartphone or a large tablet to shop for uniforms, their end result will be the same.

4. Social Media Has Gone Mobile

Social Media platforms are so popular on mobile devices that they are often the driving force behind mobile technology. 71% of social media users access their profiles on mobile devices. Facebook estimates that one billion users access their site every day. That is a lot of traffic! At some point or another, these users will be directed to your website on their mobile device. How is your uniform business using social media to attract shoppers to your online store?

5. Google Gives Priority to Mobile Friendly Websites

Google strongly prefers responsive templates over mobile ones. In April of 2015, Google released an algorithm update that rewarded mobile friendly websites with a higher ranking in Google searches, and penalized those that weren’t with a lower ranking. Google is said to release another update to their algorithm later this month.

Mobile isn’t going away anytime soon. If past trends are any indicator, mobile usage will only continue to grow. But when you change to adapt to your customer’s usage, you’ll find that they’ll be happier and more likely to keep coming back for more.


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