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Ultimate guide to Industrial catalogs 2021

The ultimate guide to the top 10 Industrial workwear catalogs 2021

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Jason June 4, 2021

Industrial workwear is a necessity for those working in the factories, industries, construction sites, and other fields that require getting one’s hands dirty.

While the workwear will help identify a person or a group, it also serves as protective gear required for harsh working conditions.

So, it goes without saying that industrial workwear has a high demand, especially from employees from industries and workers from factories.

If you are a uniform retailer and are looking for some of the top industrial workwear catalogs to start selling on your website, we’ve curated a list just for you. Read on to find the top 10 industrial workwear catalogs 2021. However, do note that this list is formed in no particular order.

1. Bulwark FR

Bulwark FR

Bulwark FR or Bulwark Protection is one of the most prominent workwear providers in the industrial uniforms space. They are known for high-quality and durable Flame Resistant (FR) wear as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Bulwark FR is part of VF Corporation, the largest apparel manufacturer in the world. While this association itself instills confidence in the brand, Bulwark FR also provides quite a lot of choices in terms of industrial workwear. You will find all kinds of uniforms, accessories, and equipment that are required to protect yourself.

To subscribe to Bulwark FR’s updated catalog, Click Here.

2. Carhartt


A company like Carhartt requires no introduction in this list. It is one of the leading uniform manufacturers in the world. This family-run company was founded in 1889.

In addition to being a leader in manufacturing industrial workwear, Carhartt is also known for providing Public Safety uniforms. If you’re curious about the top public safety uniform catalogs, here’s the link to that guide.

To subscribe to Carhartt’s updated catalog, Click Here.

3. Wrangler


Wrangler, which is one of the most popular fashion brands across the globe is also a manufacturer of industrial workwear and FR.

Wrangler was initially founded in 1947 and is the pioneer of innovation and quality in both apparel and workwear. Today, they are also known for sustainable apparel manufacturing.

Some of the workwear categories in provides are RIGGS Workwear, Flame Resistant FR, outerwear and jackets, shirts, pants, and other accessories.

To subscribe to Wrangler’s updated catalogs, Click Here.

4. Lapco FR


Lapco FR is one of the renowned uniform manufacturers for oil and gas refineries, electricity and utility, petrochemical, and many other industries since 1989.

Lapco’s workwear is all about purpose, safety, reliability, and customization. Its uniform distributors get an advantage of smooth customer service and inventory acquisition through a simple and customized process.

Lapco currently provides Flame Resistant (FR) clothing for men and women, and also non-FR clothing and other essential gear for the industrial sector.

To subscribe to Lapco FR’s updated catalog, Click Here.

5. Big Bill

Big Bill

Big Bill is a Canadian brand by CODET INC with over 68 years of expertise in manufacturing quality industrial wear. However, it currently manufactures garments in both Canada and the U.S. and distributes them across North America.

Big Bill provides industrial workwear for both subzero and blazing heat working conditions. Their catalog consists of an array of workwear clothing including Pants, Jeans, Shirts, Knits, Coverings, Coveralls, Bib Overalls, Parkas, High Visibility Customization, Safety Footwear, and Outerwear.

To subscribe to Big Bill’s updated catalog, Click Here.

Catalog Manager

6. Dickies FR

dickies fr

Dickies is a popular brand that is known for its workwear for many industries like healthcare, however, are also popular for their industrial workwear and FR clothing.

Dickies was initially founded in 1922 with a small bib overall and soon became a world-renowned manufacturer of workwear.

Dickies has partnered with UniformMarket to share their real-time inventory updates to our retailer network. To subscribe to Dickies’ workwear, Click Here.

7. Workrite FR


Workrite FR is a premier manufacturer of flame-resistant clothing for firefighters and other industrial workers. In addition to providing protection to its wearers from extreme working conditions, it also boosts the professional image.

Workrite FR is one of the brands of Bulwark Protection and currently provides a wide variety of FR and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) clothing as part of their catalog.

To subscribe to Workrite FR, Click Here.

8. Portwest


Portwest is a global manufacturer of safety wear, workwear, and protective gear, and was initially founded in 1904. With over a century of expertise in making high-quality workwear, Portwest was also the fastest-growing company with it currently distributing workwear and gear to over 130 countries across the globe.

Its current catalog includes all-weather clothing, FR clothing, workwear for the food industry, workwear, rainwear, hi-vis clothing, footwear, gloves, PPE, and other high safety clothing and equipment.

To subscribe to Portwest’s updated catalog, Click Here.

9. RedKap


Redkap, one of the most prominent industrial workwear brands in the world. They’ve initially started with a bib overall in 1923 and slowly expanded their catalog with a line of premium workwear.

By 1960, Redkap has cemented its position as a major player in the workwear industry. Today, they provide high-quality and durable workwear for the automotive, transportation, food & culinary, landscaping, manufacturing, maintenance, specialty trade, construction, waste management, food processing, housekeeping, and also healthcare.

To subscribe to RedKap’s updated catalog, Click Here.

10. Safariland



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