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Top 10 Scrubs Catalogs 2021

The ultimate guide to the top 10 scrubs catalogs in 2021

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Jason April 30, 2021

The need for high-quality scrubs as well as the demand for scrubs in bulk has significantly gone up over the past few years, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Scrubs are medical workwear that is worn by nurses, doctors, surgeons, physicians, and other medical professionals.

Scrubs are used for both hygienic purposes to withstand stains and spills, as well as for the identification of the staff. Depending on the job role, medical staff is assigned different colored scrubs.

As scrubs are made for a hard-wearing purpose, they can withstand regular cleaning and sterilization. However, they also serve the purpose of maintaining employee morale and medical professionalism as uniforms do.

While scrubs are lucrative and in-demand workwear uniforms today, not many sellers or the ones who’ve newly entered the uniform business are aware of the best-selling and prominent scrubs catalogs to start selling.

So, we curated a list of some of the top scrubs catalogs in 2021, in no specific order or ranking that you can subscribe to and start selling today. 

1. Cherokee Medical Uniforms


Founded in 1972, Cherokee Medical Uniforms are known for their comfort, quality, and style. Today they are one of the favorites among the healthcare workers and hospitals.

Every season, Cherokee releases new designs, fabrics, and styles in scrubs. While their designs are fashion-forward, the fabrics and material enhance the overall comfort and durability that is required for arduous working conditions.

Cherokee’s Tooniforms collection has integrated some of the world’s favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob Square pants, Looney Tunes, Marvel Comics, and more into their workwear.

Cherokee Medical Uniforms has partnered with UniformMarket to provide its retailer subscribers with both real-time inventory updates as well as dropship functionality. You may subscribe to Cherokee Medical Uniforms from here.

2. Barco

Barco-LogoBarco which was founded in 1929 is popular for its innovative and meaningful scrubs. Grey’s Anatomy line of scrubs wear is one of their most popular scrubs lineup.

Their other product lineup includes Barco one Wellness, Motion by Barco, Barco One, Skechers.

Ever since they started manufacturing scrubs for the healthcare industry, Barco has put innovation and high-quality fabrics and manufacturing techniques at the forefront.

Barco has partnered with UniformMarket to provide its retailer network with both real-time inventory updates as well as dropship functionality. To subscribe to Barco’s catalogs, click here.

3. Dickies

dickiesThough Dickies are into various workwear, they are popularly known for their high-quality scrubs. Dickies was founded in 1922 with small bib overalls, however, they quickly became one of the largest workwear manufacturers in the world.

Some of their popular scrubs lineup include Performance Workwear, Active Waist, Dickies 1922, (Every Day Scrubs)EDS Essentials, EDS Signature, Essence, Gen Flex, Lab Coats, Retro, Xtreme Stretch, and many more.

Dickies has partnered with UniformMarket to share their real-time inventory updates to our retailer network. To subscribe to Dickies’ Scrubs, click here.

4. WonderWink Scrubs

Wonder wink

WonderWink Scrubs is perceived as a relatively new scrubs brand, however, has proved their brand value by releasing many models in numerous styles that are both trendy and high-quality.

WonderWink has a vast collection of scrub tops, scrub pants, and lab coats for men and women that are designed to be comfortable and flexible for all-day wear.

Some of the models they currently sell are WonderFLEX, WonderWink Four-Stretch, WonderWink PLUS, Maternity Collection, Carhartt, and many others.

UniformMarket hosts the updated catalog of WonderWink Scrubs and also provides their real-time inventory status. You may subscribe to WonderWink Scrubs from here.

5. Landau

LandauLandau’s history of crafting high-quality scrubs goes back to over 50 years. So, it is safe to say that they are one of the pioneers of the healthcare uniform industry.

Landau’s collection of scrubs are manufactured with a primary focus to fit perfectly and last long. They were able to maintain such recognition for their high-quality scrubs by being able to use better fabrics, better colors, trendy designs, state-of-the-art construction technology, and a meticulous quality control process.

Landau’s line of the scrub collection includes Proflex men’s, Proflex women’s, All Day, Scrub Zone, and many others.

Landau has partnered with UniformMarket to share their real-time inventory updates as well as provide dropship functionality to our network of retailers. To subscribe to Landau’s catalogs, click here.

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6. White Swan Brands by Encompass Group


White Swan brands by Encompass Group have been one of the most popular scrubs brands for over 100 years now.

White Swan Brands is created by Encompass Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of textiles and workwear.

Some of the top product lineups of White Swan Brands are Fundamentals, Bio Uniforms, Meta Labwear, A.M.P.S among others.

White Swan brands have partnered with UniformMarket to share real-time inventory as well as provide dropship functionality to our network of retailers. To subscribe to White Swan Brands’ catalog, click here.

7. Med Couture, Inc.

med coutureMed Couture, Inc. is one of the most popular scrubs brands that is truly dedicated to women. This Dallas-based company is founded in 1987.

Med Couture, Inc. is one of the first companies to introduce fashion colors and 100% cotton fabrics, back in the 1990s.

Their current product lineup includes Scrub tops, scrub pants, Joggers, Outerwear, Prints, Lab Coats, Maternity, and other accessories from product lineups like Peaches, Energy, Austin, boutique Labs, and many others.

Med Couture, Inc. has partnered with UniformMarket to share their real-time inventory and provide dropship functionality. To subscribe to Med Couture, Inc.’s catalog, click here.

8. Koi

vip_koi_logo-minCompared to other big giants in the scrubs manufacturing industry, Koi scrubs is considered to be a newcomer, having been founded in 2006.

However, within a short span, Koi has earned its place among the tops brands in the medical unforms market, owing to its unique and innovative designs. While Koi’s scrubs have prioritized style, they did not sacrifice comfort.

Some of its top scrubs line up are Koi Basics, Koi Classics, Koi Lite, Koi Stretch, Betsey Johnson, Planet Koi, and many others.

Koi has partnered with UniformMarket to actively share their real-time inventory updates with our network of retailers. To subscribe to this fashion-forward scrubs catalog, click here.

9. Prestige Medical

Prestige medical

Prestige Medical is one of the top medical wear and diagnostic instruments manufacturers. They have pioneered the concept of pairing workwear with medical equipment in retail uniform stores across the USA.

Prestige Medical manufactures everything related to healthcare from Stethoscopes and Pulse Oximeters to Lab Coats, Jackets, Scrub caps, and other medical wear.

They are the industry leaders in outfitting medical professionals across the country. Prestige Medical currently shares its real-time inventory with UniformMarket’s network of retailers. To subscribe to their complete or partial lineup of medical workwear and accessories, click here.

10. Healing Hands Scrubs

HH ScrubsHealing Hands Scrubs was created by a sportswear company. It is a design house located in New York and has over 35 years of expertise in creating high-quality and trendy medical scrubs.

Every single medical wear that is manufactured at Healing Hands is focused on the nurses’ and other healthcare worker’s comfort and satisfaction.

Some of Healing Hands’ top product lineups include HHWorks, HH360, The White Coat, and many others. Healing Hands currently share their real-time inventory updates with UniformMarket’s retailer network. To subscribe to their catalog, click here.

To check out all the 120+ catalogs on the UniformMarket platform, click here, or speak with an expert.


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