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The Urgency Of Updates: Why Change A Successful Website?

8 min read
Uniform Market August 22, 2017

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is a useful maxim in many areas of life, so entrepreneurs often apply it to their online stores. On the surface, this seems like a wise choice. A site that has successfully attracted and served customers should be preserved so that it can continue to provide those benefits for the long haul. Yet the designs that make your website succeed today may not be of much use as the market changes. All uniform and gear retailers should update their websites with fresh responsive platform designs, such as those offered on the B2B Retailer Pro platform.

Essential Enhancements

To understand the importance of updating your website, remember that the site is essentially a digital version of your storefront. Would you leave your storefront unchanged for years or even decades at a time? Of course not! Even if your current storefront has served you well so far, you would alter it to reflect new products, trends, and consumer desires. Likewise, updating your website allows you to:

  • Remain Responsive- Consumers’ web experiences depend heavily on the devices they use to search the Net. Thus if your site was created with a specific type of device in mind, you must update it to accommodate new devices as soon as they become widespread. In the modern market, this usually means making websites that were designed for desktop browsers compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • Promote New Products- Few uniform retailers offer the same products throughout the lives of their businesses. As the market changes, you will likely try to sell gear to new types of clients, which means altering or expanding what you offer. Your website should reflect this change in wares.
  • Optimize Organization- Even if you organized your website painstakingly so that customers could navigate it with ease, there is no way to know for sure that it is navigable until you start to hear back from clients. As customers report problems reaching or moving through your site, you must reorganize the pages accordingly until you are sure it is fully accessible. You should then repeat this process periodically to accommodate new clients, who may have different issues than your original customers did.
  • Grow Gracefully- An expanding business never stays the same, and your website should reflect all internal changes that redefine your company. Say that you go from being a solo entrepreneur to hiring large numbers of employees; you should update your site to recognize the contributions your staff makes. Likewise, if you expand from selling to one industry to supplying several, your site should specify what those industries are and how you can serve each of them.

UniformMarket is committed to helping all of our users achieve these benefits and more. We offer the latest platform designs, as well as regular updates on the art and importance of selling uniforms and gear online. For more information or to get started on these enhancements, visit our website today.

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