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How the Uniform Industry is Changing and Where it is Headed

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Sellers Commerce June 28, 2018

The industry has been changing for some time. In the public sector business segment (police, fire, postal, military, etc.), for example, fewer independent distributors are in the business than when I left, which is likely changing the shape of the industry, and even the Association. As the industry consolidates, that limits the ability of those in the public sector, such as police departments, to get a variety of bids. Manufacturers have fewer distributors to sell their products.

E-commerce has to be the most impactful technology facing the industry, even in the public sector apparel side. It is certainly true that the customer is king. Young police officers, firefighters and postal workers want to buy their uniforms the same way they buy everything else, on e-commerce stores by pointing and clicking and having the items in their sizes delivered directly to their homes. The idea of spending time traveling to a police, postal or fire gear store to be fitted and tailored is to these buyers is not as efficient as purchasing their uniforms and gear online. 

Redevelopment of the distribution chain is also changing the shape of the industry. With the purchase of the majority of independent distributors by larger companies, the ability of independent public safety distributors to compete for small departments will likely increase as the larger companies of the world will likely not want to sell small lots and departments. But the ability of the smaller distributors to buy competitively will decrease and their costs will rise with the advent of a greater focus on e-commerce. Also, the cost of store fronts, both in terms of rent and taxation, will rise, making e-commerce a much more cost effective solution. More business will likely go toward larger suppliers and away from distributors with storefronts. 

Finally, changes in style and formality in hospital, school, hotel and other private sector apparel will continue to keep the industry on its toes. Fashion will remain a key factor in the apparel worn by workers in all corporate-owned facilities. Less formal outfits, without ties for men, will likely continue. Fun and comfort will be the focus in hotel, restaurant and cruise line uniforms, moving away from the more military look of the past. However, distribution will need to be improved so that employees can get their clothing directly at home rather than having to go to human resources or to in-company retail operations.

Clearly, business will continue to move online. The industry will be focused on e-commerce and new delivery methods. Manufacturing will continue to be carried out on a contract basis, outside of the United States. Even with the incentives being provided by the government to manufacture in the United States, labor costs will not allow for the razor-thin margins of the public sector police, fire, postal and others.

There may well be significant changes to the private sector apparel industry as well. With a draw down in foot traffic there will be fewer stores. Hotels may well choose to go the route of less original design and move toward more brand name suits and sportswear, perhaps even toward business casual, which can be bought online. Hospitals are already allowing employees to buy scrubs from any online provider.

In all, the landscape is much different from just a few years ago, and like everything else, is likely to continue to change as time goes on. Here at UniformMarket powered by Sellers Commerce, we provide you with tools such as Uniform Program Management and Retail Commerce, which can connect you with the products and data you need for your employees or business. Whether you are a uniform retailer or an energy company needing to fit your employees with new uniforms and gear, we have the tools and services for you. Contact us for a demo today!

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