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Location Limitations: The Importance Of Controlling Where Clients Ship Your Products

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Uniform Market January 17, 2018

The modern economy is increasingly defined by the massive scale of business. Companies continue to expand their operations across the country or even all over the world, whether by opening new stores or making arrangements with other retailers. While this development creates new opportunities, it also can give rise to challenges, especially for companies that require their employees to wear uniforms. Uniform marketers can help their clients meet these challenges by setting up location limitations for online sales portals. By giving clients the freedom to restrict uniform shipments to certain locations, you make it easier for them to save money, keep track of purchases, and order gear conveniently throughout their time in business.

The Benefits of Location Limitations

Location limitations are of great value to clients who allow their employees to place uniform orders. Such clients are often worried that workers will order unnecessary amounts or types of gear, raising spending without contributing to business goals. Location restrictions let them make a number of arrangements to prevent this, including:

  • Tying Uniforms to Locations- Clients that operate in multiple parts of the country or in multiple countries may need uniforms suited for different climates. With location restrictions, they can prevent employees at a site with one climate from ordering uniforms tied to another climate. This helps to ensure that the client does not spend more than necessary on any one type of uniform, increasing the efficiency of their spending.
  • Capping Uniforms Per Location- Besides preventing certain types of uniforms from being sent to certain locations, clients can use these restrictions to control the total amount of gear delivered to each site. This arrangement works best for companies that are unable to predict individual employees’ uniform needs, but know the total amount of gear that they will need for each location every month or year.
  • Controlling Accessories- Some organizations have a baseline uniform that all employees wear, but then order additional gear to serve particular functions. If the requisite gear varies from location to location, it may make sense to restrict what type of gear employees can order depending on where they work.

Not only are location restrictions valuable in their own right, but they help to enhance other options for your clients to restrict uniform orders. Many clients, for example, choose to set up supervisory approval on their private accounts, meaning that employees must get a manager to approve certain items before they can order them. They may want to combine this feature with location restrictions. The client may authorize employees to order gear suited for their location on their own authority. But if they want to order gear that is not typically used where they work, they will need to obtain supervisors’ approval.


UniformMarket offers insight and support for location limitations, supervisory approval, and all other features that help clients organize their gear purchases. For more information on setting up these features for your customers, visit our website today.


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