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Multiple Website Management: Taking Full Control With Our Premium Platform

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Uniform Market October 10, 2017

Like most online uniform retailers, you are likely facing a web marketing paradox. As you do business with ever-larger numbers of unique clients, you may find that you can’t meet all their specific needs through a single public website. Creating private websites for each client, with usernames and passwords that they and their employees can use to access it, allows you to present more specialized material. Creating a separate website for each client, however, forces you to organize a monitor a large number of accounts. You thus have to choose between serving your clients effectively and keeping your own operations simple and efficient.

The B2B Program Manager offers an elegant solution to this seemingly intractable dilemma. By allowing you to create and control private client websites from a single, centralized location, the platform makes it easy to update each site and coordinate different initiatives. Your company can thus strike a balance between efficiency and specificity, providing valuable, personalized service to each customer no matter how large your client base grows.

Flexible Features for Full Website Control

The B2B Program Manager offers a myriad of features to enhance control over all of your client websites. Whether you have 5 sites or 50, you will be able to:

  • Access Each Account- By creating a separate site for each of your clients and organizing them into preferred groups, you can make changes to all of them from the same profile. Managing multiple accounts also allows you to communicate directly with the clients who use each website, maintaining precise control that is easily scalable.
  • Leverage a Better Layout- From the B2B Program Manager, you can rearrange the order in which different features are presented on every site. This lets you tailor each site's layout and navigation to the specific needs of the client you created it for, rather than assuming that all clients will find the same layout convenient.
  • Ration Resources- The B2B platform makes it easier to manage writings, images, videos, and other assets across your client websites.
  • Optimize Orders- The B2B Program Manager allows clients and their employees to give you all the information you need about your order. Through their private websites, users can specify the product, where they need it delivered, and their means of payment. This makes your sales process more efficient while reducing the risk of a product or delivery mistake.
  • Work with Widgets- The B2B platform provides drag functions, drop applications, and other widgets to help you organize and enhance your site. It also allows you to create your own widgets for customized purposes.

With the B2B Program Manager, you can access all these great features and more with a single, convenient sign-on. By taking full advantage of this feature, you will not only be able to balance consistency with specialization across your private websites, but also to respond flexibly to new developments. For more information or to give our platform a try, visit our website today.



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