Payroll Deduction Prudence: An Option For Facilitating Employee Uniform Purchases

Posted by Rick Levine on Dec 7, 2017 10:19:26 AM


As a uniform retailer, your Number 1 goal should always be to make your clients’ lives easier. And when those clients are large businesses with multitudes of employees, there are few better ways to make it easier for them than to save them from buying gear for each of their workers. One of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is to allow clients’ employees to select and purchase uniforms on their own. But clients don’t want their workers to spend company money with abandon, which means you must find a way to ensure responsible payments for such purchases. By deducting the cost from employees’ payrolls, you can maximize convenience for clients without putting their money at risk.

The Benefits of Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions involve transferring money directly from employees’ payrolls to your accounts. This method has a number of advantages for uniform purchases, including:

  • Speed & Convenience- Once your clients have entered their payroll information on your website, their employees will be able to purchase uniforms quickly and without any additional paperwork. This lets them obtain the gear they need with little or no delay.
  • Cost Control- When employees pay for uniforms and gear out of their own payrolls, they have a direct incentive not to order more of it than necessary. This makes it easier for businesses to avoid spending excessive money on basic equipment.
  • Cost & Quality Balance- Besides giving employees an incentive not to spend too much on gear, payroll deductions let them decide for themselves how to balance short-term cost with long-term quality. Some employees may be willing to spend more upfront for a uniform that will last longer. Others will prefer a cheap uniform that will only last for a short period, especially if those workers do not intend to stay in their jobs for long. Payroll deductions allow them to make this choice for themselves and bear all the costs and benefits of it.

As convenient as payroll deductions are, few clients will want to use them for all of their gear purchases. It is thus important for you to balance this form of payment with other ledgers. One convenient way to do this is to set up payroll deductions only for particular purchases, such as those that are highly expensive or irregular. Employees can use company money to buy ordinary, inexpensive gear, but must take money from their own payrolls to pay for costly or unusual items. Another option is to give employees a monthly, annual, or lifetime spending limit; any money they spend under that limit comes out of the client’s company budget, but they must use payroll deductions to cover spending over that limit.


No matter how you choose to organize client and employee purchases, UniformMarket provides the information you need to market and sell your gear successfully. For more information on managing client accounts, choosing payment ledgers, and all other uniform topics, visit our website today.


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