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Treat Your Uniform Shoppers to a “Store Within A Store” Experience

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Uniform Market June 30, 2016

Getting pampered is always a welcomed happenstance, right?! So, imagine if you could offer a similar experience for your uniform shoppers. With hundreds, if not thousands, of online uniform stores, you need to find a way to not only generate customers, but keep them happy and coming back for all their uniform needs.

Creating a “store within a store” for your clients gives them a more customized experience while they order uniforms. It will undoubtedly make them feel special (pampered, even), and provide them with outstanding online customer service. Since customer retention is incredibly important for growing a strong and sustainable online uniform store, this approach will turn happy customers into longtime, loyal customers.

What They Will See…

Set up a store within a store to customize nearly every aspect of the website. Here’s what your client will see when they log in:

  • Their company logo
  • A personalized welcome message just for them
  • The exact product(s) you want them to see
    • This is especially important and a nice touch in order to highlight that you understand this client’s need
    • It also streamlines the ordering process if the client is allowing employees to order directly from your store
    • This approach lowers your return rate as employees won’t see things they are not authorized to wear/order

The Group Stores App

At UniformMarket we call customers who have this function “Group Stores”, but you can market this feature to your customers however you’d like! Those on the UniformMarket platform have access to the “Group Stores” app that allows for this “store within a store” functionality.

Below is a description of the app:

  • This app allows you to manage Group Stores for your online store
  • Group Stores create unique shopping experiences for specific companies that show what their employees are required to wear and use for their job, in their specific colors and at their specific prices
  • This eliminates confusion among company employees on what they are supposed to wear and where they are approved to purchase items, which keeps your customers’ uniform, footwear, and gear program running smoothly
  • Group Stores are accessed from your online store
  • Group Stores can be hidden to regular shoppers and the products of the Group Stores will become visible only when the shopper logs into his/her group on your online store

Clients on the Retail Commerce platform have access to a gallery of apps to extend the functionality of their online uniform store. Group Stores is one of these premium apps that deliver results to clients above and beyond what is expected, turning these possibly one-time clients into customers for life.

Click here for more on Group Stores, or how UniformMarket can help you manage and grow your online uniform store.


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