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Top Reasons for Uniform Manufacturers to Choose Niche eCommerce Platform Over Other Platforms

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Jason November 21, 2022

Transformation in the manufacturing industry is being driven by consumer behavior — namely, the shift we’re seeing toward digital channels. Manufacturers that still primarily cater to clients through phone, fax, or email risk losing the loyalty of these customers, especially as their preferences become even more digitally driven.

Reports suggest that 98% of manufacturers are planning to implement an e-commerce strategy. On top of that, 42% of the manufacturers who have invested in e-commerce recognized improved customer relationships as a result.

When we talk about eCommerce platforms, there are many off-the-shelf eCommerce solutions you can choose from, but do you want to get lost in the market while choosing a solution that perfectly meets your need?

Here are 5 reasons to help you understand why a custom uniform eCommerce solution by UniformMarket can be the key ingredient to spike your conversions, strengthen user engagement and offer a flawless user experience

1. Boost sales and revenue:

Growth for uniform manufacturers simply entails growing their network of wholesalers and distributors who can help them sell their goods widely.

UniformMarket’s Brand Syndication revolutionizes the way manufacturers present their products to the world. Brand Syndication (BS) bridges the gap between manufacturers and the market, making it easier to promote their products and expand their customer base.

Manufacturers can easily connect with a broad network of more than 3000 uniform sellers to advertise their catalogs by using UniformMarket's Brand Syndication service. Retailers who are interested in selling on their eCommerce sites can simply subscribe to the manufacturer’s catalogs, and our dedicated data management team ensures that all catalogs are updated and in sync with the seller’s store.

  • Increase in revenue: Connect with more retailers through Brand Syndication to expand your product's market and increase sales.

  • Cuts down marketing costs: With Brand Syndication manufacturers can cut down their marketing and advertising costs by using interactive digital banners to promote catalogs.

  • Cover untapped markets: Brand Syndication enables manufacturers to reach markets that they couldn't access via their traditional distribution network.

  • Syndicate catalogs: Syndicate catalogs with the latest product data by automating product catalog management that saves time and easily shares information with your distribution network.

2. Streamline distribution network:

Manufacturers have the most complex eCommerce needs of any business as they serve various dealers, distributors & retailers, different geographics and sometimes direct selling.

With unparalleled insights into the industry, UniformMarket’s eCommerce solution is tailored for the industry to suit uniform manufacturers' unique and special needs that cannot be catered by generic eCommerce platforms.

Manufacturers can streamline their distribution network and provide a personalized buying experience to their customers with the following functional benefits that comes baked into the system:

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  • Account Management: Account Management allows the admin user of an account to organize users, set access permissions, run reports, check order history and more. This flexibility allows manufacturers to gain operational efficiency and seamlessly manage their eCommerce business.

  • Real time inventory: Connect your ERP to show live inventory to your buyers at the SKU level before purchasing. Also, rather than periodically updating inventory at pre-determined intervals (usually manual data entry), manufacturers can get up-to-the-minute updates on all their inventory as and when they need it. This can avoid stock-outs, enhance customer experience, meet delivery schedules more easily, improve decision making and optimize workflow.
  • Store-within-store:
Creating a store within store gives your customers a more personalized buying exp. These stores are used to display specific products, content, approvals and budgets as well as shipping & payment methods to authorized users only.
  • Approval Management: Assign one or more approvers to approve a specific purchase from a location or a user.

  • Comprehensive pricing: Easily set multiple pricing levels, contract pricing, tier pricing or multi-currency pricing from the ERP. Specific pricing can also be set at the store, account, profile and user levels.

  • Orders and Reorders: Allow customers to easily find their orders and place re-orders instantly.

  • Customer segments: Create unlimited customer segments based on your target demographics and assign relevant products and offers accordingly.
  • Inventory Alerts: Receive customizable inventory alerts as soon as the inventory levels go below the set limit defined by you

3. Omnichannel eCommerce

Easily launch and manage multiple eCommerce stores using a single platform and single admin console. Manufacturers can apply catalogs, categories, profiles, rules and attributes at a store level. It also supports multi-tier ordering, distribution & franchising models.

One platform and a single license cost. It allows for easy management of multiple storefronts, brands and unlimited catalogs from one central administrative console. Manufacturers can quickly launch and manage many channels including:

  • Branded D2C storefronts.
  • Global stores with region-specific catalogs, languages and currencies.
  • B2B stores for channels with account specific catalogs and pricing.
  • B2B2B, B2B2G, B2B2C stores to enable distributors to sell digitally.

    UniformMarket handles everything—from development to implementation to support and beyond—so you can concentrate entirely on growing your business. No third-party development support is needed which saves you a lot of time & money.

4. Sales and Marketing tools

When your business grows your platform grows with you. UniformMarket is known to be a one-stop solution for uniform manufacturers. Not only it provides an eCommerce solution but its capabilities extend beyond.

  • Catalog management: It provides a central location for administrators to create and manage the products that appear in the store. Administrators can create an organizational hierarchy for products. Categories are created and then associated with any existing products or catalogs.

  • PIM: UniformMarket solves manufacturers data challenges with its PIM. Our PIM can help enterprises to scale their SKUs exponentially. It can handle millions of SKUs and tens of millions of their relationships (with related products, taxonomies, attributes, etc.) It makes the synchronization of information more manageable than many other eCommerce platforms. If you already have a PIM, use the open API structure to sync data.

  • LineSheets Studio: Sales rep of the manufacturer can leverage sales through UniformMarket’s sales and marketing tool called Linesheets Studio to showcase customized products in an immersive format to prospects resulting in increased sales.

  • Promotion management: Customers can be given access to a variety of promotions based on which store they are shopping. Promotions can be set for all users or based on specific user profiles. Profiles can also be used to assign specific catalogs to specific customers.

  • SEO setup: Manage SEO from the admin console and create default meta tag values that will appear on pages. Administrators can add a Canonical URL so that duplicated content or products point to the same URL, promoting improved SEO on Google.

5. Seamless integrations

UniformMarket’s eCommerce connector extends its APIs, making integrations easier. Manufacturers can access data from ERP, external PIM, CRM or any business system seamlessly making data transition possible.

It’s indisputable advantage over most other generic eCommerce platforms is the out-of-the-box, real-time integration with most major ERP, PIM, CMS, Payments, Shipping gateway, HRMS systems and more.

Currently, UniformMarket integrates with over 150+ business applications.

Get on the growth path today

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