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Putting Google Analytics To Work For Your Uniform Store

8 min read
Uniform Market June 3, 2016

Google Analytics is an amazing and free tool that all uniform business owners should utilize to understand how consumers are using their websites. In your brick and mortar store, you can physically see what products your customers are looking at, but it’s a little bit harder with online customers. Integrating Google Analytics into your online uniform store can show you how people are using your website, what pages they are visiting, what keywords they are using to find you, and more.

Also, if you are marketing your business online with banner ads, social media advertising, or Google AdWords, you can see how ads are performing through Google Analytics to be able to adjust your advertising campaign in order to improve the results.

How to Use Google Analytics for Your Online Retail Business

To start gaining some insights into your online customer’s behavior, you will want to create a Google account — if you don’t already have one — and install the Google Analytics app. Sign into your Analytics account, click on the Admin tab, and then choose an account from the dropdown menu. In the Property column, select a property and then Tracking Code (from Tracking Info). You should then see a tracking ID and code snippet.

Work with your website developer to place the snippet into every page of your website so that you are able to see the performance of each page. In a few days, check your Google Analytics dashboard to confirm you are seeing some activity, this will ensure that the code is set up properly.

Need more help? Work with your UniformMarket representative who can take care of setting up Google Analytics as part of building your website.

What Google Analytics Can Show You

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool in monitoring your website’s performance. A basic dashboard shows the number of people who have visited your website, the number of sessions, page views, and average pages viewed per session. Here are some other metrics you can monitor to help in your uniform store’s marketing efforts:

  • Real-Time Reports - This is a cool feature that shows you who is browsing your website at that exact moment. It allows you to shadow visitors to see where they came from, how they found your website, and the pages they are visiting.
  • Audience - This section shows you more about who your users are, what city and country they are browsing from, what language they speak, and what browsers they are using.
  • Acquisition - This shows details on how people ended up on your website, whether it was through an organic search, social media network, referral from another website, or they just directly typed your URL into the search bar.
  • Behavior - This feature shows the “behavior” of your customer through what pages they visited and their actions through your website. This type of insight can show you what pages they are most interested in and where they dropped off.
  • Conversions - This is especially important for ecommerce stores and bosses who insist on reports that show the ROI on online marketing spend. Goals can be set up for landing pages visited or ecommerce tracking to determine specific product or sales performance. Tracking conversions gives a business a better understanding of their transaction data and product value.

There are dozens of different kinds of Google Analytics reports that can track all sorts of user behavior stats and data. It is good to start out with the basics to see where the website can be improved (or if online advertising is working) and set goals for what you are trying to find out about your online customer.

Google Analytics offers so much valuable information about your customers free of charge that there is no reason not to have it. It gives you a glimpse into your user’s behavior so that you can reach your desired audience more effectively.


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