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5 Ways to Prepare Your Online Uniform Store for Veteran’s Day

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Jason November 7, 2022

November 11 is observed as Veterans Day in the US to honor military veterans who served or are serving in the United States Armed Forces. 

UniformMarket as a technology provider is proud to play a significant role by helping military uniform sellers serve the veterans' right, so that they can focus on safeguarding the nation. 

As Veteran’s Day is approaching, here are 5 ways as to how uniform sellers can create eCommerce sales fireworks: 

1. Sport the military spirit with pride 

Despite the risks involved in their line of work, members of the military voluntarily choose to serve our nation. As a uniform distributor, you can dedicate this special day to celebrate their bravery and sacrifice by personalizing storefronts and making your online store stand out.  

  • Improve the customer experience by personalizing the homepage layout.   
  • Incorporate designs of all military services across your website. 
  • Highlight snippets of emotional yet encouraging stories: Proud Navy Grandpa, Proud Army Mom, Proud Coast Guard Uncle, and more. 
  • Personalize your CTAs to make a difference. 
  • Create messaging that speaks from the heart. Thank them for their service by using words and images that convey honor, patriotism, bravery, and freedom. 
  • Pay special attention to displaying your military products. Relevant products placed within the eyeline of browsing customers are more likely to sell better. 
  • Create an eye-catching discount banner for your website to prompt new and existing customers to place orders. 

94% of military members surveyed say they notice when companies are “military-friendly, "and they have a positive impression of those companies. This extends beyond the military and their families—even general consumers think highly of brands that honor them. 

This makes a difference—both in building customer loyalty and driving revenue growth. 


flat-design-veterans-day-template_23-2149677557 (1)

2. Exclusive offers can be a powerful move 

Veterans and active military members are most drawn to brands that offer specific discounts tailored for them. They’ll be more likely to buy from a brand offering a specific discount and will be more loyal to that brand going forward. 

  • Make an attractive offer: Create a promotion that beats what’s available to the general public—offers of 15% or more perform better, as per studies. 
  • Extend your targeting: Apart from active service members, extend your offer to veterans, spouses, and dependents to make this special day truly inclusive. 
  • Make your offer highly visible and easy to access: Link, share, and advertise your offer on social networks and military-specific websites so that service personnel and their families can notice it. 
  • FREE/reduced shipping costs: To create something special specifically for this day, incorporate FREE, or minimum shipping costs. 

It’s all in the numbers: 

Veterans day (1)

3. Make your mark with mindful marketing


A record-breaking Veteran's Day does not happen by luck. Succeeding over this day is all about standing out and making an impact. 

  • Launch an exciting e-mail campaign: A well-crafted e-mail campaign is a prominent way to promote your sale to existing customers. Begin promoting your sale before Veteran’s Day to ensure that your customers can plan to take advantage of your promotion. 
  • Run paid ad campaign, showcasing your sales: While few brands can afford to go all out on a TV ad or billboard advertising, many e-commerce brands can afford a short-paid ad campaign, especially if it’s optimized for conversion. Considering Facebook or Google for your paid ads can be a great way to promote. These platforms can help you achieve the greatest reach and offers the best targeting tools to help make sure your paid media budget goes the furthest. 
  • Stay active on social media channels: Follow hashtags, pay attention, give feedback, and foster loyalty in military-focused Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels. Create a buzz about the offers your business is running across various channels. 

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4. Celebrate the day by promoting “Made in U.S.A” products 

Veterans live and die for their country and wearing indigenous uniforms are a matter of pride for them. If your products are made in the U.S.A., Veteran’s Day is a great opportunity to make it known. Creating or selling domestic products are great ways to make your business sustainable and demonstrate that your production procedures are fair and ethical.  

5. Honor the veterans you know 

Just like you write a blog post or listicles about relevant topics, write one about Veteran’s Day creating what is known as ‘’evergreen content’’. Usually, the most impactful anecdotes on Veteran’s Day are stories with feelings that don’t try to sell anything. 

This strategy will delight not only your military audience but everyone, build brand loyalty and help drive inbound traffic to your e-commerce site. 

How about telling a story about a Veteran you know or something that exemplifies your American pride and honor? Or, stories about honoring the veterans who might be working within the organization and making the day memorable. 

Veterans day

Here’s how UniformMarket is celebrating the honorable day: 



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