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4 Tips for Resending Marketing Emails to Customers Who Didn't Open Them

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Uniform Market September 2, 2016

You can't guarantee all the customers who sign up for your email communications are  going to actually open them.

However, whether you run physical or online uniform stores, the emails that go unopened don't need to be a loss.

That's because you can resend the same email — with a few tweaks of course — and potentially boost your revenue by recapturing those customers.

In today’s post, we’ll talk about some tips to make sure you leverage them to your benefit.

Why Resend

The average open rate for promotional emails is just over 18% (Omnisend), but believe it or not, a follow up email can make a huge difference.

The fact that Omnisend reports conversion rates are highest when you send two emails per month effectively proves that under-serving email is a quick way to lose money.

But what if the customers who aren't opening don't really experience two emails?

According to some estimates, re-sending emails to customers who didn't open them the first time can lift your email marketing revenue by 30%.

Trying isn't likely to hurt, and it could make a huge improvement to your bottom line.

Top Tips for Re-sending

Sales are all about timing, so if the time simply isn't right the first time, re-sending an email might be seen as a courtesy.

To ensure that the your customers both receive and perceive your emails as intended, follow the tips below.

Resend ONLY to customers who did not open the first time.

We can't emphasize this enough.

Customers who receive multiple copies of the same email when they actively look at emails from your brand are very likely to get annoyed and begin to disregard your mailings, or worse, unsubscribe altogether.

It's important to have segmentation tools that will allow you to create temporary lists of customers included in a particular campaign who didn't open the first email.

Resend ONLY for the most important campaigns.

While re-sending an email has a good chance of boosting your email marketing success, doing it for every single email is a sure way to start annoying customers.

However, even the most diligent customers are likely to be appreciative of receiving a repeat email of one they didn't open the first time, if it's about something they personally feel is important.

Be sure to change the subject line.

Sometimes you also need to slightly adjust the content within the email, but changing the subject line is important at the very least.

For one thing, you've got a new chance to get the customer's attention, so don't use what didn't work the first time.

This might look like a completely new line (effectively giving you a whole new take on your approach) or it could involve adding key phrases that build a sense of either exclusivity or scarcity.

Be sure to give customers time to open the first email.

If you don't give customers time to read the first email, then chances are high you'll end up re-sending mail to customers who have (or would have) read the first email.

Unfortunately, this is likely to frustrate them and lead to customers unsubscribing from communications.

To avoid this, you should be tracking not only the open rates, but the times, and refrain from emailing within that length of time.

As in other areas, how to respond to customer complaints in this regard is to adjust that timing as necessary.

If you haven't been tracking open times, a good rule of thumb to start with is three days, a number established by the Email Marketing Metrics Report as the time by which 96% of people have read a given email.

As a uniform retailer, the benefits of re-sending marketing emails to customers who didn't open them are worth making the effort.

You might just recapture customer engagement that would otherwise be lost.

However, always remember your efforts need to be tested and measured for optimal results. 

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