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Email Marketing tips

Email Marketing: Tips For Email Campaigns In The Uniform Industry

8 min read
Sellers Commerce July 5, 2018

When most people think of marketing, they picture banner ads, articles, TV spots, and other forms of content that are open for the public to see. But promoting and selling your products can also involve connecting directly with customers, and email is one of the most effective ways to do this. As a uniform business trying to increase customer interest, you can bolster your efforts significantly by adding email marketing to the mix. This lets you convince customers to take an interest in your products and keep coming back for the long haul.

Email Marketing for the Uniform Industry

Email marketing involves writing carefully-crafted emails that teach customers about your products and encourage them to consider purchasing. This strategy is of great value to uniform marketers, provided that you use it right. There is a risk that customers will view your emails as spam, but if you plan your campaign effectively, they’ll find the messages relevant and take an interest in the underlying product.

The first step to crafting an effective email marketing campaign is to target consumers based on past conversions. These conversions need not have been sales, but they should be some activity that demonstrates customers' interest in learning more about your products. Perhaps they wrote your email down on a mailing list or followed your company’s page on a social media site. If you limit yourself to targeting customers in this way, you avoid contacting people who have no interest in your products. As a result, your email campaign efforts will not be wasted, and people won’t come to associate your company with spam.

In addition to targeting customers based on past conversions, you can bolster your email campaign by:

  • Personalizing the Messages- As much as possible based on the information you have, personalize your emails so that you’re speaking directly to each customer. This makes clients more likely to think that you care about them individually, leading them to trust your business more and keep coming back.
  • Addressing Real Problems- Rather than writing emails about the general quality of your uniforms, explain how they can solve real problems your customers are struggling with. This leads clients to see your uniforms as valuable investments, rather than as luxuries. It also provides an opportunity for further personalization. To the extent that you can figure out what specific problems clients are trying to solve, base your emails around those.
  • Balancing Detail & Brevity- Because email marketing lets you communicate with customers outside of the public sphere, it’s a unique chance to go into detail about your uniforms. But don’t be too detailed or you risk boring customers and failing to hold their attention. Instead, write relatively brief emails that give key information about your gear, and then link to other resources where customers can find out more details if they want to.

If you have further questions about email marketing campaigns, please give us a call. Here at UniformMarket powered by Sellers Commerce, we provide you with tools such as B2B Program Manager and Retailer Pro, which can connect you with the products and data you need for your employees or business. Whether you are a uniform retailer or an energy company needing to fit your employees with new uniforms and gear, we have the tools and services for you.  Contact us for a demo today!

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