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Competitors social media

How Social Media Strategy Can Help Your Online Uniform Store

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Andrew Macaluso May 23, 2019

Think dealing with your internet based life is as simple as posting content in a once per day?

It's definitely not!

But, it can be hard as a startup eCommerce store to build yourself a loyal following.

Social media is one of the most pervasive communication channels of the 21st century - if not the most pervasive. To say that building a social media presence for your business is essential is an understatement.

However, it is also important to remember that not every social media network is necessary for every single business.

Even in the uniform retail industry, there can be a range of social networks you choose to adopt.

If your business is focused primarily or entirely on the law enforcement market, for instance, you will likely have a better opportunity reaching hospitals or private practices through LinkedIn than through Pinterest.

As you develop your social media strategy, make a list of your biggest clients and accounts and then start looking for them on social networks.

Which networks do most of your clients have a presence? Or, which social channels best align with your audience and seem to receive the most engagement?

Those networks should be the core focus of your social media strategy.

Here’s How a Social Media Strategy Can Help Your Online Store

Increase Leads
increase leads

If you have your business listed on social media, chances are you are trying to increase leads.

But the biggest advantage of using social media isn’t just to attract more leads, it provides the ability to generate highly qualified leads through advanced targeting.

Improving the quality of leads is a big barrier to greater success with your online uniform store. Check out our 5 steps guide to promote you online uniform store.

So how might you utilize internet based life to beat that boundary and improve the nature of leads for your online store?

A great place to start is by promoting content and designing graphics on social media that are compatible with the interest of your followers, and including a call-to-action (CTA)  that creates a sense of urgency.

Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Improve search engine rankings

Visual marketing can help you stand standout online, and there’s no question that social media can (and will) improve your search engine rankings.

The domain authority of your website increases when you start to increase your share rate on social media, which leads to an improved search engine ranking on all of your website pages.

You might not realize it, but many consumers tend to visit the social media profiles of your business before heading to your website to get a better idea about your brand, as well as reading reviews left by customers before they make a purchase.

The more visits your social media profiles receive, the higher your social media pages will rank, which will improve their chances of appearing among the top ranked pages on search engines.

Drive More Traffic to Your Store

Increase webtraffic

On the off chance that you don't have a strong presence on social media, you're missing out on organic traffic. Check out our guide on converting your In-store traffic to your online store

This implies your traffic is produced from a similar set number of individuals who are currently following you, which means you need to expand your brand further if you want to drive in more traffic and increase sales.

So how do you generate traffic organically in an effective way?

For starters, start by creating a profile for your business on every relevant social media platform.

Then, utilize these platforms to their fullest extent by sharing custom content on each platform.

Doing so will help encourage your followers to go through your content and eventually reach your product purchasing page.

Be sure to make it easy for your audiences to share the content that you post with social sharing buttons.

Social Media is a Great Way to Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

Competitors social media

This may sound strange, but social media is a great way to keep an eye on your competition

It provides you with a unique opportunity to monitor your competitors and even draw inspiration from how they perform.You can see how they’re interacting with their followers, what type of content they’re posting, images or infographics, and much more.

But, keep in mind that what works best for them isn’t always what will work best for you.

Focused examination via web-based networking is tied in with gaining from the triumphs and errors of your rivals. It's additionally helpful and critical to self-examine and see where you stand with your opposition.

It Gives You The Opportunity to Build Trust With Customers

build trust with customers

Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to social media than just promoting and selling your services or products. It gives you the opportunity to build trust with customers and customer loyalty.

To build trust and loyalty with customers, make sure all the content you post on social media is unique, relatable and engaging for your followers.

Raise Brand Awareness

raise brand awareness

For any business, big or small, raising awareness is the ultimate goal.

People prefer to purchase from brands they recognize, and that’s where the utilization of social media comes into play.

When compared to traditional media, social media can put your brand in front of your target audience faster and easier.  

In addition, it gets your intended interest group to consider your company, even when they’re not.

As previously mentioned, be sure to invest in creating relevant content. When it comes to images, try not to put your logo in a spot that will either be diverting or overpowering.

Remember to concentrate on the visual components of your image.

Maximize Conversions

Maximize conversions

Generating high-quality traffic is not the only goal. The ultimate goal is to convert that traffic into paying clients.

Here are two of the best strategies:

  • Call to Action: Having a quality CTA can direct and motivate potential customers on what to do next, which can help potential customers feel motivated enough to make a purchase.
  • Using Contests or Giveaways: Utilizing discounts and giveaways, regardless of your business type, is a super impactful and cost-effective way to help generate sales. It’s also a great way to promote your products.

Once you’ve decided which social media platforms best fit the needs of your online uniform store, you should start devising “marketing week” or “marketing month” calendars to help you stay on top of your posting.

Ideally, you should be posting new content daily on each channel, but the volume of your posts can vary per channel as well.

Facebook and Twitter can typically handle a larger volume of posts without burning out your audience where, on a platform like LinkedIn, you may stick to posting once per day, or even every other day.

You can also mix and match between “sponsored” ads and basic social media posts.

Most social channels today have an advertising platform that allows you to allocate a budget towards targeting a specific audience, reaching more people, and building a larger following on your social pages.

Finally, remember to have fun.

Strong social media marketing is half traditional advertising, half informal customer interaction. In other words, don’t just post promotional content.

Share articles or videos that relate to the industry you’re targeting; share pictures of people wearing your uniforms; engage followers in conversations; ask clients questions to learn how you can serve them better.

These social media tactics may not require a lot of planning but can go a long way toward building your brand reputation and making your social pages a welcoming place for your customers to congregate.

Chapter 3: How Email Strategy Can Benefit Your Online Uniform Store

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